Season Two CORE TEAM


Jen Chien


Senior Radio Editor, Reveal

Former Editor, KALW


Mitzi Miller


Head of Development, Rainforest Entertainment

EIC, Jet and Ebony Magazines


Luis M. Gil


Producer, Duolingo Podcast

Head of Audio, INSCAPE


Kate Krosschell


Former AIRMedia marketing lead

Former Analyst at Twitter


Cher Vincent


Independent Producer

Co-founder of Postloudness
audio collective


Nissa Rhee 


Executive Director of 90 Days, 90 Voices

Former Gun Violence Reporting Fellow at the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma


Kenia D. Serrette


Commercial Digital Designer

Visual Communications Specialist (2).png

Emma Forbes


Production Intern

Political Science Research Assistant


Casey Miner


Independent Producer and Editor

Led creative teams, Al Jazeera & KALW

Taught audio production at UC-Berkeley


Sarah McClure


Investigative producer, filmmaker and fact-checker

Grantee at Type Investigations & ICFJ


Juleyka Lantigua-Williams


CEO, Lantigua Williams & Co.

Producer/Editor, NPR

Senior Editor, The Atlantic



Season two Reporters


Eve Abrams

Eve Abrams is a radio producer, writer, audio documentarian, and educator whose work centers on amplifying the voices from her adopted hometown, New Orleans. She produces the audio project Unprisoned, which tells stories at the intersection of the criminal legal system and human lives. Unprisoned was a Peabody Finalist, has received several awards including a Gabriel, and is the foundation for Eve's TED talk, The Human Stories Behind Mass Incarceration. Eve's radio stories air on a host of national programs such as Morning Edition, Reveal, and This American Life, and she edits the award-winning podcast, TriPod. Abrams is a 2017 Robert Rauschenberg Artist as Activist Fellow. She has been a classroom teacher for 25 years. For 70 Million, she investigates a group in New Orleans that is fighting bail with cash—and it’s working.


Cheryl Green

Cheryl is an independent filmmaker and audio producer and media accessibility specialist. She produces for Disability Visibility Podcast. Her own work focuses on demedicalizing disability and amplifying disability culture. She was an AIR New Voices Scholar in 2017 and is a Member-Owner at New Day Films. For 70 Million, she goes to Oregon, where case managers are work to translate the needs of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities for a system that’s not set up for them.


Pamela Kirkland

Pamela is an award-winning journalist based in Atlanta. She's covered breaking news events around the country ranging from hurricanes to elections. And worked for The PBS NewsHour reporting on long-form stories looking at the opioid crisis, immigration, education and more. She joined the NewsHour in 2015 from the Washington Post where she was part of the video team that produced the Emmy-nominated “N-word Project." She's traveled the country--covering 3 presidential campaigns, Congress, and the White House. She graduated with a degree in Political Science and Communication from the University of Pittsburgh. For 70 Million, she exposes the ways in which bail is shackling women of color in Atlanta.


Laine Kaplan-Levenson

Laine Kaplan-Levenson is a multimedia producer in New Orleans, Louisiana. They are the host and producer of New Orleans Public Radio WWNO’s award-winning history podcast TriPod: New Orleans at 300, as well as the WWNO/WRKF (Baton Rouge) political podcast Sticky Wicket. Laine is also a freelance journalist for national radio and print outlets. They’ve filed for NPR, Marketplace, Latino USA, Oxford American, Here and Now, Backstory, Gravy, and others. They’ve also worked with podcasts including This American Life, Death Sex and Money, Nancy, and 10 Things That Scared me. Laine is the founder and lead producer of the live storytelling series, Bring Your Own, and a producer with Last Call, a multiracial collective of queer artists, activists, and archivists in New Orleans. For 70 Million, they travel to Colorado, where two neighboring counties are taking pretty different approaches to criminal justice.


Rowan Moore Gerety

Rowan is a reporter and radio producer in New York City, and the author of Go Tell the Crocodiles: Chasing Prosperity in Mozambique. He had produced audio documentaries for Latino USA and Reveal from the Center for Investigative Reporting, and written for Harpers, the Atlantic, and the Nation, among others. For 70 Million, he reports from Texas for the story of one woman behind bars whose pregnancy launched a reform movement.


Carolina Hidalgo

Carolina Hidalgo is a photojournalist and multimedia story producer at St. Louis Public Radio, where she has reported on pretrial monitoring practices, bail reform efforts and immigration issues. In 2019, she reported from the United States-Mexico border as an International Women’s Media Foundation fellow. She also serves as a mentor with NPR’s Next Generation Radio project. For 70 Million, she reports on a grassroots effort to build public and political support for the closure of a notorious St. Louis jail.


Jenny Casas

Jenny Casas (@jnnsmn) is a Chicago-based audio reporter and producer working in Spanish and English. She's investigated environmental crimes and local government corruption for USA Today’s podcast The City. Before that, she covered the intersection of restorative justice and criminal law in Cook County for City Bureau, and reported on immigration, class and power for St. Louis Public Radio. For 70 Million, she looks at an automated text message service that reminds defendants of their court dates in Palm Beach County and new electronic ankle monitors in Cook County. In both cases, her reporting asks, who benefits from these technological advances?

sabine headshot.png

Sabine Jansen

Sabine Jansen is an independent podcast producer and editor. She’s a Dutch raised, Brooklyn based, world traveling, curious mind, with a constant itch for good stories. Her work focuses on criminal justice reform and wrongful convictions. For 70 Million, she chronicles the start of the Brooklyn Conviction Review Unit, a special unit in the DA’s office. The CRU turned out to be crucial in the exoneration of Mark Denny, who was wrongfully incarcerated for almost three decades.


Season One team



Jesse Alejandro Cottrell

is a fellow at NPR’s Latino USA, where he reports and produces radio stories. He has written for The California Magazine, Vice Magazine, The Atlantic, Harper's, and other publications. He also served as an associate producer on the PBS documentary “By Blood.” For 70 Million, he looks at two conflicting law enforcement efforts in Pima County, Arizona: one designed to lower the incarceration rate, and one that’s sending people to jail over traffic violations and minor drug offenses. @JesseAlejandro


Ruxandra Guidi

has almost two decades of experience telling stories. Her multimedia reporting has taken her throughout the United States, the Caribbean, South and Central America, as well as Mexico and the U.S.-Mexico border. For 70 Million, she visits the most populous county in Texas, Harris County, to chronicle how local organizers and the DA’s office teamed up to galvanize sentencing reforms in the county. @HomelandsProd


Ryan Katz

is a longform evangelist in Austin, TX reporting print stories and audio documentaries, podcasts. He's produced for APM Reports, WBEZ, Audible and Pagatim. Freelance stories of his have been published in ProPublica, Esquire, Topic, and The Daily Beast. For 70 Million, he reports on ankle monitors, devices that for-profit companies are contracting out to ICE as a supposed alternative to detaining undocumented immigrants.


Maria Murriel

is a writer, reporter and podcast producer based in Boston. She’s a teacher at CUNY Journalism School’s bilingual master’s program, and the business reporter for Cannabis Wire. She covered immigration and extremist politics at PRI “The World.” For 70 Million, she documents a pilot program in Gloucester, MA that has turned national in the fight against the opioid crisis. @mariamurriel


Nissa Rhee

is an award-winning independent journalist who lives in Chicago. Her work has appeared in a variety of print and radio outlets, including The Christian Science Monitor, Chicago magazine, and Radio Netherlands Worldwide. For 70 Million, she chronicles the efforts of the uniquely positioned public defender in Tulsa, Oklahoma,  Still She Rises, as they work to defend black mothers @nissarhee


Heidi Shin

is a public radio and audio producer based in Cambridge, MA. She’s a contributor for PRI’s The World and the BBC World Service and recently produced the podcast The New American Songbook with The Groundtruth Project. Heidi has also worked on films for National Geographic’s “Explorer.” For 70 Million, she documents what it’s like to go through Veterans Court, a specialty court that’s specifically meeting the needs of veterans in the state of Massachusetts…. @byheidishin


Liza Veale

is a multiple award-winning reporter, covering mostly housing and homelessness in the Bay Area for KALW Public Radio. She's also the "Roving Philosophical Reporter" for the nationally-broadcast radio show, Philosophy Talk. For 70 Million, she follows two foster youth in the Bay Area who are making their way out of the system, in part thanks to the new Continuum of Care laws. @internetliza


Nadege Green

is covers social justice issues and gun violence for WLRN, South Florida’s NPR affiliate. She is the recipient of a 2017 Regional Edward R. Murrow Award and a 2016 Investigative Reporting award from the National Association of Black Journalists. Her work has appeared in the Miami Herald, NPR and Public Radio International's The World. Green's reporting has also been cited in Teen Vogue, Refinery 29 and the Washington Post. For 70 Million, Nadege and Daniel (below) report on how mental health intersects with the criminal justice system. @NadegeGreen


Daniel Rivero

is a reporter and producer for WLRN, covering the criminal justice system and other urban issues. Before joining the team, he was an investigative reporter and producer on the television series "The Naked Truth," and a digital reporter for Fusion. His work has won honors of the Murrow Awards, Sunshine State Awards and Green Eyeshade Awards, and he has also been nominated for a Livingston Award and a GLAAD Award on reporting on the background of EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt's tenure as Attorney General of Oklahoma and on the Orlando nightclub shooting, respectively.


Sonia Paul

is an independent journalist and a senior fellow with the Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism. Her work focuses on culture, power and powerlessness, identity and media, and her radio stories have aired on NPR, WBUR’s Here & Now, PRI’s The World and Studio 360, and The World in Words podcast. For 70 Million, she investigates litigation surrounding criminal justice reform in New Orleans. @sonipaul


season one alumni


Amy Alexander


Amy is a journalist, author, editor and award-winning communicator who has published widely in nonfiction and for outlets including The Atlantic, The Nation, The Root, NPR, and more.


Oluwakemi Aladesuyi


Kemi is an independent producer whose work has appeared in NPR, Latina to Latina, Gimlet Media, and more. She’s also a Burns Fellow and spent time in Berlin reporting for Der Spiegel.


Adizah Eghan


Adizah Eghan is an award-winning audio producer based in Oakland, California. She produces for The Daily, and is a former producer for Snap Judgment. Before that, Adizah worked as a reporter and online producer at KQED, the NPR member station in San Francisco. She also produces and edits stories for You Had Me at Black, a storytelling podcast for Black millennials. Her work has aired on Reveal, PRI's The World and Spooked Podcast.