How to listen to 70 million

Listening to a podcast

70 Million is a podcast with new episodes every Monday from August 27 - October 29, 2018. You can listen to here on our site or on your phone using a "podcatcher," another word for an app that collects a podcast's audio file. But we realize that not everyone knows how to listen to these audio files.  

If you’re already a podcast listener, excellent! We’re available in your favorite podcast app. (Your next mission, should you choose to accept, is to help someone else listen to this show. The below guide can help.)

If 70 Million is the first podcast you’ll listen to, welcome! Here’s your step-by-step guide to listening to this podcast.

We recommend using the RadioPublic app, available for iOS and Android. To start listening to 70 Million:

Step 1: Send to phone

Visit 70 Million’s RadioPublic page

a. If you’re on your computer: click the “Send to phone” button, enter your phone number, then we’ll text you a link to your show. Open the link on your phone, then tap the “Get the app.”

b. If you’re on your phone, you’re one step closer: just tap the “Get the app” button.

Step 2: Open the app

Once you’ve downloaded the RadioPublic app, you’ll be presented with 70 Million in the app. 

a. Click on the Episodes tab to see a list of episodes (we suggest starting with episode 1!). 

b. Tap on an episode description to read more or press the play button to listen directly. 

c. If you want to download an episode to listen to on the go or without using your phone's data, click on the description and tap the button on the right with the downward arrow.  

d. Click "Follow" to get automatic updates in your shows queue when new episodes release every Monday! 

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